10 Crystals to help you manifest your dreams in 2022

10 Crystals to help you manifest your dreams in 2022

10 Crystals to help you manifest your dreams in 2022


Every year, we hear about the latest and greatest New Year's resolutions. What we don't hear as much about is: how do we make those resolutions stick?! We're here to tell you that the answer may be as simple as getting a crystal and learning how to manifest your desires into reality. 


You already know crystals have healing and protective properties but what you may not know yet is that crystals can help you manifest your goals with ease! Yes, you read that correctly. 


In fact, there are many ways crystals can help you achieve what you want in life. Who doesn't want to improve their relationships, emotional healing, general health, and overall well-being? Crystals are natural stones that come in all shapes and sizes. The type of crystal you use will depend on what your goal is.


Let’s review some of the best crystals to support your dreams, goals, and intention. so you can have a wonderful (and magical) year:



  • FluoriteIf one of your goals for this year is to improve your mental health then we recommend using Fluorite. This crystal is very useful when you want to start operating from a peaceful state of mind. It will also harmonize all of your chakras and free you from your mental blocks.


  • Tourmaline: If you're interested in starting a new business, changing careers, or finding your purpose then tourmaline might be the perfect crystal for you. Tourmaline can help with clarity and bring forth tons of ideas, which will give you the push to take the next step and start a new journey!


  • Pyrite: If you have a goal around work or money then use Pyrite. It will help you invite abundance, boost your financial wealth and amplify positive intentions. Start every day by gently holding your Pyrite in your hand while you visualize your goal, how does it feel? How does having abundance, wealth and money feel for you? Once you’re done, make sure to put it somewhere visible.


  • Chrysoprase: If you’re going through heartbreak and your mission is to feel whole again, then Chrysoprase is the crystal you need. This crystal promotes happiness, joy, and self-acceptance at the same time as forgiveness and compassion. It’ll help you release all of the stress and anxiety accumulated in your heart and help you heal your connection with it.


  • Amethyst: Popularly known for its protective qualities, Amethyst can also be just what you need to improve your relationships. Because it's a stone that fosters peace and serenity, it will help remove any negative energy from your home or workplace, calming your nerves and inspiring you to embrace love and happiness!


  • Hematite:  This powerful stone can help you protect yourself from negative influences. It has been used as an amulet against the evil eye and brings strength and stability to its user. So if your resolution was to thrive, you better get rid of those negative energies keeping you stuck.


  • Turquoise: Looking to a bad habit? Use a Turquoise. Not only will it ward off negativity and clear away energy blocks from your aura and chakra system but it will help you deal with the emotional healing required to release an addiction.


  • Iolite: Were you in a creative rut during the past few years? Iolite can change that in no time. It will promote creativity and activate the side of your mind that allows inspiration, vision, and self-expression to arise. Use it during meditation to embrace its guidance as it supports you during your creative endeavors.


  • Moonstone: Want to invite new love into your life? Using moonstone will help you attract it. This crystal has a feminine and sensual aura, that will help you visualize and materialize new romantic relationships, intimate encounters, and fertility. It is especially powerful when used during the full moon.


  • Sunstone: Perfect if your goal is to lose weight, start eating well, or learn how to love your body! This joyful stone inspires self-care and provides a sense of abundance, helping you enjoy the healthy changes. It can also heal digestive issues so make sure to keep it around you all day, every day.


We’re sure these 10 crystals will have you on your way to accomplishing whatever you want for 2022! 


Ready to manifest your dreams? 




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