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The Stone of Transformation : LABRADORITE

The Stone of Transformation : LABRADORITE

Crystal of the month: LABRADORITE.



labradorite crystal meaning and uses


As you know, there are many, many magical crystals. But Labradorite really is something special! 


Labradorite is a member of the feldspar mineral family, and it has been used since ancient times to protect its wearer from evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians wore labradorite to safeguard them against dark forces, while also calling upon the stone's mystical powers to help amplify their personal strength. When you look into a labradorite crystal, you see flashes of blue, gold and green light. This helps users open up their third eye chakra and build up their self-confidence, hence it is known as the stone of transformation.Labradorite is said to restore health, vitality and prosperity. As it is both grounding and uplifting, this makes labradorite an excellent stone for those who tend to feel stuck in negative emotions.

Labradorite is a beautiful and highly prized crystal known for its shimmering iridescent colors. It was first discovered in 1770 on the Isle of Paul, off the coast of Labrador in Canada. It was named after the location of its discovery, and has since become a popular choice for jewelry and decorative items due to its unique and captivating appearance. In addition to its beauty, labradorite is also believed to have various spiritual and healing properties, making it a popular choice for those interested in crystal therapy. It is said to help with self-discovery, transformation, and inner growth, and is often used to promote inspiration and creativity. 

Protective, transformational, and magical, this stone should be next on your list, once you have all the basics that is. Why? Well, let us tell you more about it. 


Here are 5 major benefits Labradorite can bring to your life:


labradorite crystal meaning and uses


1. Spark your intuition: You will be able to recognize your inner wisdom and listen to the messages of your higher self. You can use this crystal to strengthen your faith in yourself, access a deeper state of consciousness, and improve your trust in the universe. It is also a great companion when doing shadow work since it allows you to get to the root of things and understand the underlying lesson with ease. Labradorite will show you how to attune your intuition and start trusting your gut more.


2. Protects your aura: It will help you to heal your aura and strengthen it, preventing energy from draining out of you. Labradorite is a highly mystical stone, that is why it can heal you, raise your vibration and ground your spiritual energy all at the same time. Use it to banish fears and insecurities. This will help you work on your confidence and avoid self-sabotaging draining habits.  


3. Activate your chakras: This magical stone will help you to balance and clean your energy flow, allowing you to experience, almost immediately, a sense of well-being and inner strength. As for its physical healing properties, Labradorite treats stress, brain disorders, and unregulated metabolisms. It can also be used to treat colds, balance your hormones and relieve menstrual tension. 


4. Reconcile with your purpose: Meditating regularly with it will allow you to release the limitations that prevent you from living your purpose. If you're feeling lost, unhappy, or purposeless, get yourself a Labradorite ASAP. This crystal will start showing you clues about your life's purpose and how to make it a reality. It is the only crystal that does that (now you get why we said it's really something huh?). Meditating with it will help you clarify your vision. Journaling with it will bring forth the steps you need to put into place to fulfill your destiny. Because it fosters a natural state of contemplation and introspection, Labradorite will energize your imagination and help you come up with new ideas easily.


5. Supports life transitions:

This color-changing stone calms the mind, especially when it feels overactive. Changes may seem difficult, but Labradorite will help you feel secure, and confident so you can make the right choices. Let it support and guide you during this time.


There's something important we need to mention! Before it can work its magic on you, a connection must be established. But don't worry, all you need to do is carry it around with you and allow it to absorb your energy. Your Labradorite will learn all about your needs and dreams in no time.



labradorite crystal meaning and uses


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