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Citrine for Everyday Healing & Joy

An excellent crystal to work with for empowerment, citrine is a mega-booster to your self-esteem, willpower, and ability to take action on your ideas. It’s helpful for procrastination and stuckness, can clear out the doubt and self-defeating thoughts holding you back, and ignites your inner fire and creative drive to move, go forward, and bring your dreams into reality.

Green Aventurine: Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

The stone of opportunity, green aventurine has open-hearted, optimistic energy to propel you forward towards all your heart’s desires.

Associated with the element of air, this vibrant green crystal brings fresh ideas and perspective and can help you embrace change as you’re moving through it.

The Power of Clear Quartz to Manifest Your Dreams

Clear quartz is one of the most prolific and popular crystals to work with for very good reason- it’s a master healer stone.

The ultimate amplifier and director of energy, clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals you can work with to clear out negative energy and manifest your intentions.

Pyrite Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Pyrite is spiritually and emotionally stimulating. It is not a soothing stone and shouldn’t be used at night. Pyrite crystal healing properties shine a bright light on your higher self, amplifying your potential.

No more New Year's resolutions: Try this powerful ritual instead

This tradition dates back 4000 years ago, in ancient Babylon. As people celebrated the beginning of a new year, they promised the gods that they would pay their debts and return any they'd borrowed. This tradition evolved into what we practice today, taking advantage of this "new beginning" to leave bad habits behind.

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence & Success

A lower chakra healer, tiger’s eye is a combination of sun and earth energies. It activates your solar plexus confidence, ignites your sacral chakra passion and grounds it all down through your root chakra. It offers a sense of calm, stability and strength to help you accomplish anything you want in life.