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Moonstone: Meaning + Healing Properties

Moonstone is a magical crystal for self-reflection and healing to help you dive into your inner depths, release emotional overwhelm, and find balance through all the ebbs and flows of life. A variety of feldspar, moonstone’s signature sheen flashes with iridescence as it hits the light, helping you discover new angles to yourself, and bringing flashes of insight.

The Top 5 Crystals for opening your Third Eye chakra

The Third Eye Chakra relates to your ability to focus on the bigger picture empowered by your refined intuition and instinct. Having an activated third eye chakra, connecting with the present moment becomes more straightforward, and you conveniently distance yourself from dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. 

Top 5  crystals to open your third eye chakra. 

Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Keeping the right crystals close to you will assist in raising your energetic vibrations and knowing which stones to use for attracting wealth and abundance is key to manifesting money. Read on to find out which seven best crystals for manifesting money will help you to shift your limiting beliefs around abundance.

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space Most of us are familiar with the experience of selecting a new dwelling. And more often than not, that process requires a substantial expenditure...