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Moonstone: Meaning + Healing Properties

Moonstone is a magical crystal for self-reflection and healing to help you dive into your inner depths, release emotional overwhelm, and find balance through all the ebbs and flows of life. A variety of feldspar, moonstone’s signature sheen flashes with iridescence as it hits the light, helping you discover new angles to yourself, and bringing flashes of insight.

Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer season starts on June 21st,  lasting through July 22nd during which time the Sun will be passing through this watery and sensitive zodiac sign. Crystals can help you tap into the current energetic vibrations of Cancer. Here are the best healing crystals for this zodiac sign...

Crystals and Zodiac Signs. Which One is Best for You?

When you think of crystals and astrology, you probably think of images of mystical, transparent stones that possess mystical powers. But what you may not know is that there is an entire world of science behind crystals and their myriad uses in daily life. Astrology and crystals are connected, and after reading this article, you’ll get a sense why. 

An intro to Trapiche Amethyst

Trapiche Amethyst <b> Trapiche gems are an incredible variation of stones having a special allure that appeases the human desire for symmetry, exhibiting a distinctive star pattern from the stone’s inclusions. It is not the...