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How To Set Intentions With Crystals For The New Year

Are you deciding to set intentions with crystals for the New Year and want to make a life-changing resolution for a fresh start? This article illustrates the power crystals possess and their effect on your life.

How to Cleanse & Charge your Crystals with the Full Moon

Why use moonlight with your crystals? 

The moon is a reflection of the sun’s light. It’s a feminine form of energy, a cool blue beacon shining in the darkness, filled with mystery and magic, helping you discern the answers that are hidden deep within. 


5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Crystals Activated & Clean

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Crystals Activated & Clean    Crystals are a great way to bring our energy and life force into alignment. But like anything in our house, they can get dirty,...

Why You Need to Smudge & Clear the Energy in your Home

Why You Need to Smudge & Clear the Energy in your Home All the feelings you express, feel, witness, watch and experience in your home become emotional energy that moves around your space. 

Selenite to Light Up Your Life

Selenite connects you to the higher planes of awareness and awakens your spiritual senses, helping you find upliftment and support from your guides, angels, and higher self whenever you need it.

Crystals and water, which crystals to avoid getting wet

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, and water is one of the easiest and most available ways out there, but is it ok to get every type of crystal wet?