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9 Crystals For Good Luck

9 Crystals For Luck   Humans have always been searching for ways to change their luck. Whether it's finding good luck with a four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, or horseshoe, or avoiding bad luck by avoiding...

Citrine for Everyday Healing & Joy

An excellent crystal to work with for empowerment, citrine is a mega-booster to your self-esteem, willpower, and ability to take action on your ideas. It’s helpful for procrastination and stuckness, can clear out the doubt and self-defeating thoughts holding you back, and ignites your inner fire and creative drive to move, go forward, and bring your dreams into reality.

What Crystal Invites Good Fortune Into Your Life? Pyrite does!

What are they? Pyrite are crystals made of iron sulfide, but because they're so shiny and gold-colored, they're often mistaken for gold. It looks so similar that it's commonly known as fool's gold. 


Jade Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Jade is a gorgeous green crystal long heralded as a talisman for love, good luck, and prosperity. 

Used for centuries in different cultures spanning from ancient China to Egpyt to the Maori in New Zealand, jade is thought to bring wealth, wisdom, and longevity to all who work with it.

7 Best Crystals for Bringing Good Luck

Many people feel like they were either born lucky, or they weren’t, that they always win, or they never do. But what if we told you that we were all born lucky? There are just a lot of energetic barriers that get in the way and inhibit our natural ability to magnetize the things we want in life and flow with ease.