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Red Crystals for Power, Passion & Grounding

Red crystals are energizing and stimulating, associated with power and passion, with blood and courage. Red stones resonate with the physical body, enhancing your connection to the earth and your humanness. 


Garnet Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

Garnet is a high-vibrational, deep red crystal that exudes warm, nurturing energy.  There are a variety of Garnets that may look different, but all are threaded with potent spiritual power. Garnet isn’t just another crystal. Anticipate a stirring of long-repressed emotions and sensations.

Hematite: The crystal of protection and grounding

This shining metallic stone has a long history of being used for grounding, power, and protection by native people all across the world.

Its iron-rich content makes it feel heavy like an anchor, echoing its ability to help you pause, get present, and ground into your body and into Mother Earth.

Jasper Stone Varieties: What Do They Mean and Which One's For You?

Jaspers stone meanings and properties depend on the sorts of Jasper varieties you connect with. This ancient crystal holds many metaphysical benefits from improving relationships to manifesting money. Jasper has unmistakable details and patterns along with its magnetic pull. 

The 6 Best Crystals for Capricorn

Capricorns are the steadfast, hardworking, loyal CEOs of the zodiac. But even this high-achieving sign can use a little grounding and energy restoration from their crystal allies. The 6 best crystals for Capricorn are here to support and strengthen the most ambitious sign.

Crystals for Beginners: Using Crystal Healing Energy in your Life

Looking for some of the best crystals to begin your journey? Here are some of our top, must have picks.

7 Best Crystals for Protection

Whether you’re looking for spiritual protection or protection from negative energy, there are a variety of unique crystals on the market that are here to help keep you safe and block out all negative vibrations from your life. 

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence & Success

A lower chakra healer, tiger’s eye is a combination of sun and earth energies. It activates your solar plexus confidence, ignites your sacral chakra passion and grounds it all down through your root chakra. It offers a sense of calm, stability and strength to help you accomplish anything you want in life.