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8 Divine Crystals for Crown Chakra Healing and Activation

The Crown chakra is associated with purple and white, representing the ethereal energy of spiritual awakening. Here we are exploring crystals that resonate with the color frequencies of the Crown chakra. Some crystals contain both Crown Chakra frequencies and additional colors, such as the earthy tones of Labradorite and the pinkier tones of Lepidolite. These stones’ colors indicate that they are helpful in supporting multiple energy centers at once and can be turned to for creating a spiritual flow between the different chakras. 

Introduction To Himalayan Samadhi Quartz

The stunning Himalayan Samadhi Quartz is an exceptionally rare crystalline pink quartz. It is located solely in the high elevations of the Himalayan mountains of India, making it a unique addition to your healing crystal collection. This crystal is a soft, pink quartz that seems to glow from within with its own light and healing magic. 

An intro to Trapiche Amethyst

Trapiche Amethyst <b> Trapiche gems are an incredible variation of stones having a special allure that appeases the human desire for symmetry, exhibiting a distinctive star pattern from the stone’s inclusions. It is not the...

The Top 5 Crystals for opening your Third Eye chakra

The Third Eye Chakra relates to your ability to focus on the bigger picture empowered by your refined intuition and instinct. Having an activated third eye chakra, connecting with the present moment becomes more straightforward, and you conveniently distance yourself from dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. 

Top 5  crystals to open your third eye chakra.