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Rare Amethyst Spirit Cactus Quartz Cluster

Rare Amethyst Spirit Cactus Quartz Cluster

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560 grams

Rare amethyst spirit quartz from South Africa for those who are open to intuition, insight and wisdom. It is clear quartz which is purple-colored with inclusions of white feldspar. Its energy allows you to transcend lower vibrations and provides the impetus to move into higher frequencies of awareness. It can help you balance the male-female energies of body/mind/spirit, unifying earth, and celestial energies.




WHY • To find harmony of thought. To achieve intellectual and psychic symmetry. What flows in must flow out. Amethyst reminds us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The mind is a powerful tool, and it must be cleansed and maintained as such.

HOW • Amethyst helps us practice loving detachment with our thoughts. This stone p

rotects against anything that might disrupt mental balance, from mood-altering substances to psychic attacks. It brings peace, reminding its guardian that feelings are just information.

WHERE • Amethyst finds its home near the third eye (in between brows) and crown chakra (on the top of the head). Place wherever you feel the pressure of thought, and relax into its energy flow.

MANTRA • My mind is a safe home, and my thoughts are peaceful visitors.

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