Grounded Kit - Amethyst / Selenite / Tourmaline/ Sage / Palo santo

Grounded Kit - Amethyst / Selenite / Tourmaline/ Sage / Palo santo

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Grounded Kit - Amethyst / Selenite / Tourmaline/ Sage / Palo santo

Stay grounded and clear your space of unwanted negative energy with this kit. Comes with black tourmaline, amethyst cluster, selenite wand, palo santo and sage bundle. Collectors cards for each crystal 

Amethyst helps us practice loving detachment with our thoughts. This stone protects against anything that might disrupt mental balance, from mood-altering substances to psychic attacks. It brings peace, reminding its guardian that feelings are just information.

 Selenite brings mental clarity to its guardian, allowing for the release of intellectual and psychic limitations. It creates a calm and tranquil space for you to access prosperity and protection from unseen realms.

Black tourmaline protects its guardian from energetic “pollution”, from ill-intentioned individuals to the electromagnetic vibrations emitted by technological devices. It works to integrate psychic insight into one’s everyday creative activities. Place black tourmaline wherever you need to get something done without energetic distraction, whether that be the workplace or a stressful home environment. Carry it with you in times of physical challenges to promote vitality and rapid healing.

Palo santo is Spanish for 'holy wood', which is a sacred tree growing in parts of South America. Used for centuries spiritual practices and energy cleansing. Light this stick and set and intention to clear your space or body of any energy that no longer serves you. 

Sage has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice to remove negative energy. It also has other benefits such as, removing airborne bacteria and boosting ones mood reducing stress levels.


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