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Himalayan Cluster 4.5 Inch

Himalayan Cluster 4.5 Inch

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These rare, beautiful crystals can only be found high up in the sacred region of the Himalayan mountains in India, altitudes over 18,000ft! For thousands of years the himalayans have been a spiritual place for meditation and prayer. Use samadhi quartz clusters in your meditation practice or in your home to emit a dreamy, tranquil energy. Contains chlorite inclusions, which provide overall healing energy. Great for opening up all chakras and enhancing intuition and clarity. Samādhi is a sanskrit word, representing a state of deep meditation, concentration and the unification of mind. Samādhi is experiencing the state of oneness.

All natural, no polishing or treatment.
Comes with a quartz crystal collectors card. Will receive exact crystal shown.
4 x 4 x 2 inches, 418 grams



MANTRA • I supercharge my dreams with nature’s blessing.



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