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AA Smoky Quartz Geometric Point

AA Smoky Quartz Geometric Point

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All natural smoky quartz polished point. Comes with a smoky quartz crystal collectors card. Origin Brazil

Approximate sizes:

Small: 2 inches, 50-55 grams

Large: 3 inches, 130-160 grams


WHY • To flush out the negative energies associated with anxiety and depression. To dispel fear, the opposite of love. To encourage focus and intention. Smoky quartz melds the wisdom of the spiritual plane with the earthiness of the material plane, promoting serenity integrated with practicality.

HOW • Smoky quartz is known as a calming stone, easing the tensions and tribulations of its guardian. Dissolving the influence of negative vibrations, smoky quartz gently creates space for fear to flow out so perfect love can flow in.

WHERE • Smoky quartz can help with headaches and ailments associated with the abdomen, hips, and legs. Keep close to the body wherever you are in need of release.

MANTRA • I am at peace in my spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.

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