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Agate Quartz Slab 11 Inch

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Agate Quartz Slab 11 Inch

A beautiful platter for you home to amplify the positive energy in any room

Comes with an agate crystal collectors card. Origin : Brazil
Approximately 11 x 8 x 2 Inch, 2.2kg 2.8lbs.

WHY • To create a stable base for spiritual growth. To relax in the knowledge of security. To be secure in the ability to ask for help. Agate vibrates at a slower frequency, allowing it to act as a solid support for higher-frequency emotions and energy work.
HOW • Agate is an uplifting and renewing stone, and can be worked with to support self-esteem and a feeling of balance. It aids in dispelling deep-rooted fears, imbuing its guardian with the peace of knowing they are held.
WHERE • Place agate in a space of work to promote prosperity, growth, and progress. Agate can be used on or around plants to encourage a sense of groundedness in a living space.
MANTRA • I am held.

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