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Amazonite Point

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Comes with an amazonite crystal collectors card.

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WHY • To balance the divine active and sacred passive energies inside each of us. To remind negative energy that it has no home in your sphere of existence. To manifest universal love. Amazonite reminds its guardian that there are infinite ways to think and take up space, and empowers them to speak truthfully.

HOW • Amazonite promotes fortune by soothing tensions in situations of conflict and encouraging a loving energy to take root in the present. This healing crystal energizes its guardian, bringing honesty and sincerity to their words and actions. Amazonite seeks to clarify what has been obscured.

WHERE • This soothing stone is associated with the brain and nervous system, lending a calming effect. Amazonite is tied to the throat chakra, and working with it on or around the throat will guide its guardian in speaking courageously and with integrity. It can also be used to remedy muscle-related ailments.

MANTRA • I speak what I know to be true with clarity and love.

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