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Black Moonstone Freeform

Black Moonstone Freeform

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Comes with a moonstone crystal collectors card. 

Approximately 4 inches, Select your exact crystal on the drop-down menu.

Black Moonstone is associated with the moon, and offers nurturing energy that is balancing to body and spirit. It brings emotional balance by helping us recognize our own darkness as well as the darkness of others. It brings harmony and strength during intense phases, easing change. Moonstone aids in communication, especially on a spiritual level. It helps us become more receptive to others, especially in receptive forms like meditation.  


WHY • To open up to the wonder of multiple outcomes. To channel latent psychic abilities. To understand the power of abstract ways of knowing. Moonstone helps its guardian become comfortable in their own feminine power, inspiring the magic of intuition to come out and play.

HOW • Moonstone helps us see beyond the limitations of subjective experience into the realm of possibilities. The inner nurturer is awakened and set on its visionary path.

WHERE • Place moonstone wherever the power of intuition wishes to be felt, such as the heart, crown chakra (top of the head), or other parts of the body where you sense your feminine energy gathers.

MANTRA • I release the need to control every outcome, and relish in the wonder of possibility.

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