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Blue Calcite freeform

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Will receive the exact crystal shown on the selection. Comes with a blue calcite crystal collectors card. 

Approximately 6 incehs tall

This freeform block crystal will bring spiritual healing energy into your life and promote a sense of calmness, balance, and peace. It is beneficial when placed in areas where stress resides, the office, for example. Keep a blue calcite piece on display near your home or workspace to keep your energy flowing smoothly when under pressure, or place it among items that hold a lot of creative energy to protect these from absorbing extra stress.


WHY • To be confident in the sacred support of the present. To calm difficult emotions and lessen the impulse to react out of fear. To draw upon the lessons of memory, clearing a path for a peaceful future. Blue calcite promotes positive thinking, promoting the flow of optimistic thoughts and feelings. 

HOW • Often used to ease the pain of emotional trauma, blue calcite keeps the heart afloat. This healing crystal calms, quiets, and consoles. Blue calcite also aids in communication, helping its guardian express themselves with clarity and intention. Its color symbolizes trust, faith, and heaven.

WHERE • Work with blue calcite on or around the third eye (in between brows) and throat chakra to ease the flow of ideas and heighten psychic perception. Blue calcite can also be used anywhere on the body to soothe pain or discomfort associated with anxiety and heightened nerves.

MANTRA • I am free to relax into calmness.

calm, cleansed, collected.

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I really enjoy the experience i get when my packages arrive. Fast shipping, crystals come without any damage, and the crystals they sell are gorgeous! I highly recommend purchasing. :)

Ashley Hamilton

Loyal Customer

Gorgeous amethyst and pink amethyst. Packaged extremely well for shipping which I was delighted to see the care and pride put into this awesome package when the crystals arrived. I am impressed so I placed another order. Great quality, highly recommend.

April Cox

Loyal Customer

Gift arrived extremely fast and was beautifully packaged with style and care. The crystal itself is stunning, it made my sister very happy on her birthday. I could see it light her up as she held it. Awesome! Thanks! You’re great!

Andrew Parkin

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Excellent customer service. I love their products!

John Edmonson

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The crystals I ordered were packed AMAZING. Zero chance of damage because of how well they were packed. Shipping was super fast and prices are very reasonable. I had zero issues and ordered more than once. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Rachel Martino

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I really enjoy the experience i get when my packages arrive. Fast shipping, crystals come without any damage, and the crystals they sell are gorgeous! I highly recommend purchasing. :)

Michele Heinrichs

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The ordering process was easy and efficient. I received order on time. The various scents I ordered are beautiful and I will be reordering regularly. Thank you.

Joanna M

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