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Blue Kyanite 5 Inch

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Blue Kyanite 5 Inch


Comes with a blue kyanite collectors card. 2.5 lbs

WHY • To facilitate the flow of thoughts into words. To cast out the pain of not speaking your truth. To heal entanglements and confusion, aiding in logical and rational expression. Blue kyanite is a crystal that promotes inner peace and integrity, dispelling transmission blockages between the mind and the outer-facing self.

HOW • This healing stone works at the energetic communication centers, enabling its guardian to channel and express divine thought. It dissolves any barriers related to talking and writing, allowing trapped energy to move and recirculate through the mind and body. Blue kyanite gives the communicative spirit permission to release what no longer serves.

WHERE • Blue kyanite aids in releasing any blockages of the throat chakra. It can be of special help to orators and musicians, helping clear any blocked energy impeding creative expression. As it can help with dream channeling, permitting the reception of divine transmission, you can keep this stone under your pillow or place it on your third eye chakra (between the brows) during meditation.

MANTRA • I express in integrity, aligning my words with my heart’s true desires.

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