Citrine Point

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  • Chakra Healing: crown
  • Weight: 0.8466lb

Citrine Point


All natural citrine, not treated.

Comes with a citrine crystal collectors card. Will receive exact piece shown. Origin : Brazil. 384grams. Approximately 4x2x2 Inch.

WHY • To connect with your abundance destiny. To motivate mental energy clearing. To energize, delight, and enthuse in alignment with your soul’s path of divine bliss. Citrine heals through happiness, stimulating receptors attuned to sacred joy. 

HOW • This healing crystal transmutes the dreams and desires associated with personal will, grounding them in reality. A powerful transformative stone, citrine gently transmutes any negative energy into its most positive potential. 

WHERE • Place citrine on or around the crown chakra (top of head) to clear energy blockages associated with thought, dreaming, and mental manifestation. A grounding crystal for healers of the body and spirit, citrine specializes in energy flow—what is stagnant cannot be released.

MANTRA • I delight in my celestial inheritance of pure joy.

Citrine Point

Citrine heals through happiness, stimulating receptors attuned to sacred joy.

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