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Clarity Kit

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  • Chakra Healing: crown, heart, third eye
  • Weight: 1.0lb

Clarity Kit

Allow yourself a moment to suspend time, heal and allow clarity with this crystal kit.

Includes :Amethyst cluster, selenite wand, quartz point, crystal box & collector card for each crystal, white sage incense box. 

Amethyst  protects against anything that might disrupt mental balance, from mood-altering substances to psychic attacks, allowing peace to flow in.

Selenite is the ultimate cleansing crystal, self-charging always maintaining a high-vibration. Selenite brings mental clarity to its guardian, allowing for the release of intellectual and psychic limitations. It creates a calm and tranquil space for you to access prosperity and protection from unseen realms.

This quartz point is a wonderful tool to direct positive energy to your space. Clear quartz clears and cleanses, using the power of intuition to place its energies where they are needed the most. Its multi-dimensional frequencies create a space through which anything that needs to be released can safely flow out.

Complete with a box of 30 white sage, non-toxic incense sticks from Nippon Kodo. High-quality, clean burning incense. Comes with mini ceramic holder. A crisp fragrance of white sage leaves with a fresh note of lime, creating a deep, full-bodied aroma with a hint of cedarwood fragrance.

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