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Druzy Agate Tower 4 inch
Druzy Agate Tower 4 inch
Druzy Agate Tower 4 inch
Druzy Agate Tower 4 inch

Druzy Agate Tower 4 inch


Agates are a type of chalcedony that comes in various colors and patterns. Agate is a grounding stone. Use this stone to balance your aura and help you achieve a state of mental clarity. It can assist you in exploring your spirituality.


4x 2.5 inch,  418 grams

WIll receive this exact crystal, which comes with an agate crystal collector card. 510 grams

WHY • To create a stable base for spiritual growth. To relax in the knowledge of security. To be secure in the ability to ask for help. Agate vibrates at a slower frequency, allowing it to act as a solid support for higher-frequency emotions and energy work.

HOW • Agate is an uplifting and renewing stone, and can be worked with to support self-esteem and a feeling of balance. It aids in dispelling deep-rooted fears, imbuing its guardian with the peace of knowing they are held.

WHERE • Place agate in a space of work to promote prosperity, growth, and progress. Agate can be used on or around plants to encourage a sense of groundedness in a living space.

MANTRA • I am held.