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Golden Rutile Quartz Lens 1.25 Inch

Golden Rutile Quartz Lens 1.25 Inch

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Will receive the exact crystal shown, comes with a quartz crystal collectors card.

27 grams. Approximate dimensions : 1.25 x 1  inch

Grade AA natural rutilated quartz . Origin : brazil 

The Quartz is a beautiful, hand-crafted piece with Rutile inclusions. Rutile, a Titanium Dioxide mineral with large iron oxide quantities, adds an iridescent golden bluish tinge to the deep brown and black matrix of pure quartz crystal. This exquisite effect is created by large needles of rutile embedded within the mineral’s structure. Quartz is known as the “master healer”, “energy amplifier”, and “high purity stone”. It accelerates spiritual evolution and enhances communication between the physical and spiritual planes of existence.

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