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Green Aventurine Tumbled

Green Aventurine Tumbled

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Keep this aventurine stone for good luck and to attract wealth. Approximately 1 Inch. Origin : India

Comes with a green aventurine crystal collectors card with its metaphysical properties. 


WHY • To emanate your magic for the world to see. To ascend to a higher level of accomplishment. To achieve success in the spaces resonate deeply with you. Green aventurine wants you to feel blessed and favored in whatever you do, offering its shimmering power as the fuel for your dreams.

HOW • Green aventurine goes straight to the source of wishes—the heart. Its energy is tender and nurturing, and can help with moving through unresolved emotional trauma. This stone encourages movement forward, allowing those who call upon it to know more about themselves and the world around them.

WHERE • Green aventurine finds its home on and around the heart. Wear it close to your chest for a soothing reminder that you are always protected by your dreams.

MANTRA • I give myself permission to move into the joy of prosperity.

Each crystal is one of a kind due to its formation in nature. Color, shape and size will vary slightly, making each crystal unique


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