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Green Jade Obelisk

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Green Jade Obelisk

Green Jade obelisk 

Comes with a green jade crystal collector card.

Points are a powerful tool for energy direction.


WHY •  To align your inner truth with a destiny of love. To ground and keep sacred that which keeps the heart beating. To attract affection, validation, and luck. Jade provides an energetic base for healing, abundance, and the pursuit of joy.
HOW • This healing stone works with love, attracting its flow and nurturing hearts impacted by its lack. In working towards energetic release, jade ensures movement of feeling, allowing its guardian to release what no longer serves. Jade stimulates positivity and high-vibration dreams, aiding in manifestation and dispelling negativity.
WHERE • Use jade on and around the heart chakra (middle of upper chest) to promote positive flow through your body’s energy centers. Jade assists your body’s elimination systems, concentrating especially on the kidneys and adrenal glands.
MANTRA • As I release what no longer serves, my capacity to love is awakened.

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