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Hematite Worry Stone

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  • Chakra Healing: root, sacral
  • Weight: 0.1279lb

Hematite Worry Stone


Worry stones have a smooth, polished center for your thumb to hold and soothe anxiety. The action of moving your thumb can ground and reduce stress. 
Carry this grounding, protective energy of hematite thought your day. Comes with a hematite crystal collectors card.
Approximately 1 x 1.75 inch

WHY • To ground your presence in the present, free of stress and anxiety. To establish confidence in the person you have become. To lend courageous and brave energy to your everyday interactions. Hematite has been known as a body-earth conduit for generations—ancient peoples used to cover themselves in hematite powder for protection in battle.

HOW • Hematite roots your experience of existence in the stability of the here and now. Security and survival are themes that this stone draws upon, creating a protective aura around its guardian. This healing crystal aids with feelings of disorientation or groundlessness in the midst of life changes and energetic shifts.

WHERE • Hematite finds its home in the root chakra (base of the spine), expressing all that is related to our feelings of safety and confidence in exactly who and where we are. Work with this stone near your sitbones to absorb its healing power while meditating or practicing yoga.

MANTRA • I sit confidently and peacefully still in the midst of the external world’s energy shifts.

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