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Inca Aroma Rosemary Incense
Inca Aroma Rosemary Incense
Inca Aroma Rosemary Incense
Inca Aroma Rosemary Incense

Inca Aroma Rosemary Incense


Handcrafted, non-toxic, all natural incense.


Rosemary is scientifically known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, belongs to the family Lamiaceae being native to the Mediterranean region.

Its active properties circulate stagnant energies, it is popularly known as "western ginseng", highly recommended for people looking for an energy boost, expansive creativity and activation.

Is for you: if you are looking for an incense to accompany you in the process of awakening your senses and activating your creativity, if you like strong aromas, spicy and penetrating.

A natural incense like Rosemary's is made from resins, plants, woods and natural essential oils.

We like to be transparent with the composition of our incenses.

We give value to the raw materials we use, to the people who make them and to you who enjoy them.

We offer you a natural rod and a superior burning time.

Box contains 4 or 9 incense sticks.
Each rod burns for approximately 90 min.
Careful and artisanal manufacture.
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense
Non-toxic, made with organic materials

•  If you want to burn it for less time, you can put it off by gently removing the burning part. Light it back on whenever you want!

• We recommend ceramic, metal or glass dishes to burn them safely. Avoid wooden dishes.