Inca Aroma White Breu Incense 90 Minute

Inca Aroma White Breu Incense 90 Minute

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Inca Aroma White Breu Incense 90 Minute

Handcrafted, non-toxic, all natural incense.

The resin called “Breuzinho” is extracted from the bark of a tree in the Amazon region. Used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years in ceremonies, healing and purification rituals, the little brown or white breu has scientifically proven medicinal and therapeutic properties.
The Breu Branco Especial is a unique edition of “breuzinho” incense, with reinforced action and recommended for more intense and deeper purification smokes, or for larger environments, to achieve balance and harmony in the environments. This special edition of ours replaces works made with charcoal and smoke, using the herb in natura.

Box contains 4 incense sticks.
Each rod burns for approximately 90 min.
Careful and artisanal manufacture.
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense

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