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Labradorite Sphere XXL

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Labradorite Sphere XXL

A beautiful extra large labradorite sphere, will receive exact sphere shown. Comes with a labradorite crystal collectors card.
Approximately 4.4inches. 110mm, 4.1kg, 9lbs.


WHY • To persevere through the tumult of change. To cast out fear and self-doubt. To delight in the freshness of transformation, staying calm in the midst of energetic fluctuations. Labradorite is said to enhance psychic perception, encouraging its guardian to see what is unseen.

HOW • Labradorite is a revealer of truth, clearing away excess mental vibrations that no longer serve its guardian. It awakens the awareness of the third eye, calling forth visions and thoughts that help the mind feel safe in the midst of change. This healing stone also stimulates the imagination, aiding in the creative process necessary to attune oneself to restorative frequencies.

WHERE • Hold labradorite near the eyes and crown chakra (top of the head) to promote mental agility. Labradorite is also said to regulate hormonal variations and aid in digestion—work with this stone around the stomach and pelvic regions to release this healing potential.

MANTRA • Change is an energy shift that I am completely safe within.

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