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Lepidolite Tower 3 inch

Lepidolite Tower 3 inch

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Lepidolite's lithium content seems to help dissolve fear and tension, allowing you to feel at ease. It is also known to bring about a state of emotional balance and stability. Shown to clear the mind and stimulate positive thoughts. 

Crystal towers have become a powerful tool for energy direction. They are associated with the pyramid which is considered to be the strongest geometrical shape and have been used throughout history for uplifting consciousness.  It’s a very powerful tool for manifestation and intention setting.

Comes with a lepidolite crystal card. All our crystals are 100% natural and will vary slightly in size, color, shape, shading.


HOW • Lepidolite does its work by deconstructing any blocks to deep happiness. Chaotic energy is no match for this healing blue crystal. Lepidolite allows its guardian to act from a place of true desire, dispelling destructive impulses and disarming self-defeating patterns rooted in trauma.


LEARN MORE about lepidolite here.

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