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Manifest Pouch - Quartz / Pyrite Cube

Only 15 available
  • Chakra Healing: crown, third eye
  • Weight: 50.0g

Manifest Pouch - Quartz / Pyrite Cube

This power duo will amplify your natural energy, allowing abundance and positive frequencies to flow in. 

Comes with a Spanish pyrite cube, Quartz point, crystal pouch and collector card for each crystal. 

Quartz absorbs any negative energy that may be blocking the expression of your highest self, turning the volume up on any energy or intention you focus into it. Known as the master healer, Its multi-dimensional frequencies create a space through which anything that needs to be released can safely flow out.

This Spanish pyrite is roughly 130 million years old! This shape forms naturally with no cut or polishing. Pyrite can help translate higher levels of consciousness into real-world prosperity and success, whatever that may mean to you. This stone is ideal for those involved in high-stress work situations, mass public interaction, and environmental stressors. 

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