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Massive 30lb Lemurian Quartz from Brazil

Massive 30lb Lemurian Quartz from Brazil


This is a large, rare Lemurian quartz crystal weighing in at 30 pounds! Approximately 22 x 6 x 5 Inches. 

This gorgeous, rare Lemurian quartz crystal specimen that came out of Brazil is the perfect addition to your collection or to make a meaningful gift. It is very rare to find Lemurian crystals of this size! Come's with a Lemurian quartz crystal collectors card.  *Comes with a stand if you would like*

Whether you're trying to balance your chakras or decorating your home, pure crystal is the essence to add style and value to any space. The Lemurian energy will help you connect with the earth's energies, will cleanse your chakras and aura, and will protect you from negative thoughts, psychic attacks or harmful spirits.


WHY • To rejoice in the blessing of connection. To honor humanity’s cosmic lineage. To aid in the development of harmony between beings. Lemurian quartz crystals are also called “Lemurian star seeds”, as the mythology of Lemurian quartz is centered around its programming by the ancient civilization of Lemuria. These cosmic ancestors left the stone in the care of humans to facilitate their advancement to higher states of consciousness.

HOW • Lemurian quartz removes psychic blockages getting in the way of total balance and harmony. This healing stone soothes the human wound of inadequacy and loneliness, encouraging a connection with guides and guardian angels.

WHERE • This crystal is used often in connection with dream work. Place it under your pillow or on the body as you sleep to activate your psychic vision while you dream.

MANTRA • I am wholly integrated with the psychic power of my dreams.

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