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Naica Selenite Cluster

Naica Selenite Cluster


The Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico features excellent crystals that have retained an extraordinary purity and clarity as well as a surprising size that was rare to find anywhere. The Naica mine’s cave is the most extensive, and most significant, selenite crystal cave ever discovered. The selenite crystals found there are among the largest natural selenite crystals ever found anywhere in the world.

Origin : Naica, Mexico  Size :   480 grams


WHY • To experience higher states of spiritual evolution. To revel in the presence of guardian angels and spirit guides. To feel nurtured and protected on the material plane. Selenite is known for its connection to spiritual beings, and can be used to call forth shielding and encouragement.

HOW • Selenite brings mental clarity to its guardian, allowing for the release of intellectual and psychic limitations. It creates a calm and tranquil space for you to access prosperity and protection from unseen realms.

WHERE • Place on the physical body for help in repairing bones and teeth. Selenite can also be used around the home or anywhere you create a space for rituals, as it is a reminder of the presence of healing light-beings.

MANTRA • I am one with all loving beings that protect and help me.