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Orange Barite w. Calcite 3 inch

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Will receive the exact crystal shown. 

Approximate dimensions: 3 x 2 inches, 114 grams

Origin: Morocco 


Discover the radiant beauty of our Orange Barite on Calcite Specimen, sourced from the mineral-rich lands of Morocco. This exquisite geological formation showcases vibrant orange barite crystals elegantly nestled on a calcite matrix. Renowned for its stunning coloration and unique crystalline structure, this specimen is a testament to the geological wonders found in Morocco.

🌍 Origin: Harvested from the mineral-rich soils of Morocco, this specimen represents the geological diversity and mineralogical treasures unique to the region.

🌈 Coloration: The striking orange hue of barite crystals contrasts harmoniously with the calcite matrix, creating a visually captivating and aesthetically pleasing specimen.

💎 Formation: Witness the intricate interplay of barite crystals delicately formed on the calcite matrix. This geological masterpiece offers a glimpse into the natural processes that shape these mineral wonders over time.

🧡 Energetic Properties: Beyond its visual allure, orange barite is associated with energizing and revitalizing properties. Some believe it to be a stone of creativity, vitality, and emotional balance, making it a unique addition to any gem and mineral collection

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