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Orange Calcite Palm Stone

Only 7 available
  • Chakra Healing: crown, root, sacral
  • Weight: 0.0926lb

Orange Calcite Palm Stone

Worry stones have a smooth, polished center for your thumb to hold and soothe anxiety. The action of moving your thumb can ground and reduce stress.

Size: 2 x 1.7 × 0.6 in.
Comes with an orange calcite crystal collectors card.

WHY • To purify the union between the spiritual and material planes. To cleanse the negative effects of past-life trauma. To guard against evil eyes and promote abundance, creativity, and psychic intuition. Orange calcite helps wash away that which inhibits us from claiming our true inheritance of joy, humor, and compassion.

HOW • Orange calcite releases insecurities tied to procrastination and laziness, allowing its guardian to move forward with creative projects in trust and love. By bringing one’s thoughts in line with one’s will, this healing crystal creates the harmony necessary to achieve one’s personal goals.

WHERE • Work with orange calcite on or around the reproductive and digestive systems, aiding in the dissolution of negative energy blockages. Keep it near your solar plexus chakra (middle of chest) to stimulate the will and self-confidence necessary to make your dreams come true.

MANTRA • I claim, move forward into, and grow with my life’s purpose.

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