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Pink Amethyst Tower 3.5 Inch


Comes with a pink amethyst crystal collectors card. Origin : Brazil
Will receive exact crystal shown. 3.5 x 2 x 2 Inch, 248 grams.

WHY • To amplify the love that lives inside us. To bathe the aura in the eternal light of compassion. To find the center of the spirit, holding its desires close. Pink amethyst softens and soothes, lending a warm feel to any thoughts or actions involving closeness. It nurtures and protects, keeping sacred what is vulnerable.
HOW • This healing stone’s specialty is emotional healing, working its gentle power on wounds and scars of the heart. It helps its guardian process grief, sorrow, and any other emotions that are difficult to sit with. Pink amethyst surrounds the inner child in protective energy, aiding the process of psychic reparenting.
WHERE • Pink amethyst can be used on or around the heart chakra (middle of upper chest). Place in the bedroom or anywhere else relationships to self and others are practiced to promote resolution, reconciliation, and emotional understanding.
MANTRA • I remain open to my heart’s healing potential.