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Positive Focus Crystal Kit

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 Expand your consciousness and uplift your energy with this kit, featuring all-natural rosemary incense, clear quartz, yellow lace agate, orange calcite, and fire quartz.

With this crystal kit, you can easily boost your focus and uplift your energy--simply set up your ritual space, light the incense and crystals to amplify their natural frequencies, and let them work their magic. The yellow lace agate, orange calcite and clear quartz all have natural properties that assist in manifesting positive change.


Orange calcite rough • Yellow lace agate point • Clear quartz Palm Point • Yellow Lace agate bracelet • Hematite Fire Quartz Point • Inca aroma rosemary Incense

Crystal kit and card for each crystal with their healing properties and uses.

The benefits of rosemary isn't only limited to the culinary use; it also enhances memory, and increases brain capacity. When you use Rosemary incense while doing preforming tasks, you will notice that you could have a consistently high accuracy and speed. Rosemary has benefits such as, improving moods, relieving headaches, or even boosting memory.


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