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Prosperity Crystal Kit

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  • Chakra Healing: crown, third eye
  • Weight: 15.0oz

Prosperity Crystal Kit

 There is no force without movement, no prosperity without transformation. This constellation of healing crystals is an energy-packed toolbox, ready to supercharge your deepest dreams and warmest passions with the life force of reality.

Pyrite sets the stage with abundance, and clear quartz turns the volume up on your manifestations with amplifying vibrations. Tiger’s eye clears away fear, anxiety, and anything else that may cause you to doubt yourself. Carnelian is a restorative stone and promotes 

Great set for an Aries!

This crystal kit includes :

Quartz Point

Pyrite cube from Spain (All natural, no cut or polishing! Roughly 130 million years old)

Carnelian Palm Stone

Tigers eye Palm stone

Collector card for each crystal

Palo Santo 


Crystal box, dimensions 6 x 6 x 2 inch. 

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