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Large Pyrite Sphere 2.6lbs

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  • Chakra Healing: root, sacral
  • Origin: Peru
  • Weight: 2.6015lb

Large Pyrite Sphere 2.6lbs


Will receive exact sphere shown, Approximately 3.5 inch, 1.1kg/ 2.6lbs. Comes with a pyrite crystal collectors card.
A sphere is an ancient and universal symbol representing unity, wholeness and infinity. Hold a crystal sphere during meditation or hold for stress relief, its soothing frequency emits energy equally in all directions 

WHY • To filter out energy that no longer serves you. To mend auric tears so healing can begin. To garner divine favor. Seeking out the healing properties of pyrite signals your readiness for abundance, allowing you to keep that which creates and release that which destroys.

HOW • Pyrite breathes new life into weary auras. Its compassionate powers help deflect patterns of self-sabotage and deception. Meditating with pyrite can help translate higher levels of consciousness into real-world prosperity and success, whatever that may mean to you.

WHERE • This stone is ideal for those involved in high-stress work situations, mass public interaction, and environmental stressors. Place it near you in your place of work, or anywhere you are called to respond with strength and integrity.

MANTRA • I have the wisdom to set compassionate boundaries that serve myself and others.

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