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Quartz tower 3.3lbs

Quartz tower 3.3lbs


Towers are ion crystal structures that act as a conduit for the flow of cosmic energy, creating a positive charge around them. This empowered space allows you to clear and activate other crystals, charging up their potential as well. 

Approximately 1.5kg, 3.3lbs

Will receive exact crystal shown. Origin: Brazil. Comes with a quartz crystal collectors card. 


WHY • To amplify your natural power. To take your dreams to the next level. To move through pain. Clear quartz absorbs any negative energy that may be blocking the expression of your highest self, turning the volume up on any energy or intention you focus into it.

HOW • Clear quartz clears and cleanses, using the power of intuition to place its energies where they are needed the most. Its multi-dimensional frequencies create a space through which anything that needs to be released can safely flow out.

WHERE • The most versatile of all healing stones, clear quartz can be held close to any part of the body that wants to feel renewed. Gently place clear quartz on your third eye (in between brows) and breathe deeply when you’re in need of a reset.

MANTRA • I supercharge my dreams with nature’s blessing.