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Rhodonite Tumbled

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Carry the energy of abundance with you throughout the day.

Comes with a rhodonite crystal collectors card with its metaphysical properties. 

Darker stone origin : Madagascar. Lighter stone origin : Peru 


Rhodonite crystal emits the frequency of the heart, prompting us to let go of emotional pain and find resolve through love. A stone of compassion, rhodonite provides feelings of calm and clarity in an arousing world.

Rhodonite is known for its exquisite pink hues and its ability to promote emotional healing and compassion. Feel the nurturing energy as you hold these tumbled stones in your hand, allowing it to soothe and heal your heart.

Embrace the transformative power of Rhodonite as it encourages self-love, forgiveness, and emotional balance. This crystal is believed to help release past wounds, alleviate stress, and foster a sense of inner harmony and peace.

Experience the remarkable properties of Rhodonite as it stimulates love and compassion, both for oneself and others. It encourages forgiveness, understanding, and the healing of relationships, making it an ideal crystal for personal growth and connection.

At, we take pride in offering high-quality tumbled Rhodonite stones. Each stone is carefully selected for its energetic potency and unique beauty. Incorporate Rhodonite into your crystal rituals, meditation practices, or carry it with you as a daily reminder of love and healing.

Each crystal is one of a kind due to its formation in nature. Color, shape and size will vary slightly, making each crystal unique


Rhodonite crystal healing properties and uses

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