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Ribbon Agate Slab 6 Inch

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You will receive the exact crystal shown. Comes with an agate collectors card. 

Approximant dimensions: 6x 6  inches, 408 grams

One-of-a-kind Ribbon Agate slab, a rare find from the picturesque landscapes of Utah. Crafted by nature itself, this unique stone is a true masterpiece, with its mesmerizing ribbon-like patterns that showcase the Earth's artistic prowess.

Ribbon Agate is celebrated as the "Stone of Balance," offering profound harmonizing energies. Whether used in meditation, decor, or energy work, this slab radiates serenity and equilibrium. Each piece is carefully handpicked, ensuring you receive a remarkable and distinctive specimen that is unmatched in its beauty and energy. Elevate your spiritual journey and interior decor with the alluring Ribbon Agate slab from Utah, a testament to the natural artistry of our planet.



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