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Ruby Fuchsite Tower 6 Inch

Ruby Fuchsite Tower 6 Inch


Approximately 6 Inches Tall

One of a kind piece. Comes with a ruby fuschite collectors card. 


WHY • To root deeply into the blessings of the present moment. To lift emotional burdens accumulated through difficult spiritual quests. To plant firmly into the strength of everyday existence. Ruby fuschite represents the calming energies of our home planet, allowing its guardian to ground into the stability and calmness of the earth.

HOW •  Ruby fuschite helps with the aftermath of challenging emotional experiences, encouraging its guardian to release toxic influences and continue the healing journey. It soothes the self-doubt and fear that arises in the aftermath of trauma, enabling its guardian to keep both an open heart and healthy boundaries.

WHERE • This stone is said to aid in the transmission of messages from the third eye (between the brows) to the heart. Keep it close to wherever you feel the pain of betrayal, heartbreak, or loss, remaining open to the healing messages of the spirit realm.

MANTRA • I am protected by the openness of my healing heart.