Sodalite Sphere XL

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Sodalite Sphere XL

A beautiful extra large sodalite sphere, will receive exact sphere shown. Comes with a sodalite crystal collectors card.
Approximately 4 in. 1.8kg


WHY • To revel in the creative fruits of contemplation. To expand awareness of the inner divine. To integrate rational and abstract modes of thought. African sodalite calls forth inspiration and idealism, allowing its guardian to draw upon their self-confidence to contend with life’s difficulties.

HOW • African sodalite clears any barriers to knowledge acquisition and application, whether the information flow is intuitive or a result of analytical thought. It reminds its guardian of their royal status in the realm of their own manifestation.

WHERE • Sleep with this stone under your pillow to promote thoughtful and inspiring dreams. Work with it along the digestive tract and lymph nodes to promote metabolic functions and immune system health.

MANTRA • I have all the inspiration I need to protect my divine aura.

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