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Sunstone Tumble

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Sunstone Tumble


Each tumble comes with a sunstone crystal collectors card. 

WHY • To call forth the sensuous joy of embodiment. To bubble up the healing reserves of joy blocked by experiences of trauma. To remind its guardian of the sheer happiness that comes from living in freedom. Sunstone asks the soul to claim luck and abundance for itself, as it dissolves and dissipates any emotions linked to fear and anxiety.

HOW • This healing stone recalls the light of the greatest luminary to let the vitality of its guardian shines through. Sunstone helps people-pleasers and those struggling with codependent tendencies set boundaries, fortifying their “no” with the divine truth of independence.

WHERE • Place sunstone on or around the sacral chakra (below the belly button) and solar plexus (center of chest) to unlock benefits related to tension reduction in the stomach and ulcers brought forth by stress and anxiety.

MANTRA • I shine forth with the understanding that joy is my divine inheritance.


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