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Tiger's Eye point

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One of the most popular crystals for attracting wealth, tiger's eye has been used to energize since ancient times. Tiger's eye is a "power stone", said to bring success and increase motivation and drive towards achieving goals. It has been used to enhance creativity by absorbing negative energies. It also protects against loss of energy and decreases laziness. You will enjoy this crystal's sunny light brown color and deep flecks that shimmer like gold in the sunlight.

Comes with a tiger's eye crystal collectors card. Approximately 2.5 - 3 inch 


The root chakra represents the energy that helps us feel safe and grounded, located at the base of the spine. Keep tiger's eye close to this chakra to charge your aura with earthy vibrations.

Crystal towers are powerful energy-grounding tools, use in meditation or in a room to amplify positive vibrations. They can also be placed on the body during Reiki treatment and Chakra balancing. Crystals help to improve overall health and spiritual growth.


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