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Black Tourmaline

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  • Chakra Healing: root, third eye
  • Weight: 0.2557lb

Black Tourmaline

AA quality black tourmaline

Comes with a black tourmaline crystal collectors card. Approximately 116 grams
WHY • To guard against psychic attacks. To alchemize negative energy into gentler, lighter frequencies. To create a safe space for a home in the present moment. Black tourmaline is a chakra harmonizer, ensuring all parts of the energetic and physical bodies are vibrating as one.
HOW • Black tourmaline protects its guardian from energetic “pollution”, from ill-intentioned individuals to the electromagnetic vibrations emitted by technological devices. It works to integrate psychic insight into one’s everyday creative activities.
WHERE • Place black tourmaline wherever you need to get something done without energetic distraction, whether that be the workplace or a stressful home environment. Carry it with you in times of physical challenges to promote vitality and rapid healing.
MANTRA • I am completely protected from vibrations that do not serve me.

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