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Unakite Jasper Tumble

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  • Chakra Healing: root, sacral
  • Weight: 0.0661lb

Unakite Jasper Tumble

30-40 gram unakite tumbled jasper. Comes with a jasper crystal collectors card.

WHY • To relish deeply in the zest of living. To bring oneself out of the darkness and into the light of self-confidence. To replenish depleted and defeated souls. Jasper lends its guardian a renewed sense of vigor, healing any wounds caused by perceived failure and providing the courage to get back up again.

HOW • Jasper is the “supreme nurturer”, helping its guardian discover a state of grounding. This stone reminds us of the power of wholeness, focusing on the joy of relating to, setting positive intentions for, and being in service to others.

WHERE • Carry jasper with you throughout the day to promote a prolonged experience of tranquility, peace, and awareness in your interactions with others.

MANTRA • I am unconditionally loved by my human experience.

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