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Vanadinite Cluster

Vanadinite Cluster


Vanadinite is a very rare mineral formed in arid climates by the oxidization of lead deposits. Crystals on vanadinite form in the hexagonal symmetry system.
Origin : Morocco
Approximately 2.2lbs


WHY • To arrange the elements of chaos in a symmetry that allows for forward progression. To develop the spirit of endurance, finding peace and calm under pressure. To provide a lens through which to embark on a psychic journey, providing a clear focus for the road ahead. Vanadinite draws upon the elements of earth and fire to promote the energy of motivation.

HOW • This healing crystal promotes depth without excess. The measuring gaze of calculated assessment takes on a warmth with the help of this sacred stone. Vanadinite is said to teach its guardians the importance of preservation of both physical and psychic energy.

WHERE • Vanadinite can aid in breathing difficulties, or any ailment affecting lung function. Use it on and around your chest while meditating on clarity and smooth movements for both physical and metaphysical processes. Vanadinite can also be used on and around the third eye (between the brows) to promote clear sight through supra-material dimensions.

MANTRA • I find grounding and meaning by looking within and through the present moment.