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Sacred Gems: A guide to the top 13 essential healing crystals

Whether you’re just starting a healing crystal collection or have more than a million special gems, these 13 essential sacred stones are the secret to experiencing powerful shifts.


The very crystals that adorned warriors for protection, blessed palaces of old, and healed ancient princesses, are now bestowing our nightstands, jewelry, and hearts with their eternal and essential healing energy.

How to manifest more LOVE into your life? Use these five crystals!

Since this universal energy makes us feel AMAZING, there’s no surprise we're drawn to it, right? We get inspired, motivated, and re-energized by it, but more importantly, we thrive in love.

Malachite for Metamorphosis & Deep Healing

Malachite is a rich, earthy green stone that helps protect your heart and your perspective. It connects you back to the abundance and strength that is always in you, helping you harness your innate power. 


Used for millennia by ancient Egyptians, Greek, Romans and Russian czars, the powerful protective and healing qualities of malachite are long known.

How To Protect Yourself From “Holiday Burnout”

Protecting your energy doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. But it’s important to try different methods until you find the right one for you. No one wants to end up tired, overwhelmed, or burnt after the holidays. So make sure to use these quick tips to enjoy the holidays,

7 Best Crystals for Protection

Whether you’re looking for spiritual protection or protection from negative energy, there are a variety of unique crystals on the market that are here to help keep you safe and block out all negative vibrations from your life.