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Citrine for Everyday Healing & Joy

An excellent crystal to work with for empowerment, citrine is a mega-booster to your self-esteem, willpower, and ability to take action on your ideas. It’s helpful for procrastination and stuckness, can clear out the doubt and self-defeating thoughts holding you back, and ignites your inner fire and creative drive to move, go forward, and bring your dreams into reality.

Crystals and Zodiac Signs. Which One is Best for You?

When you think of crystals and astrology, you probably think of images of mystical, transparent stones that possess mystical powers. But what you may not know is that there is an entire world of science behind crystals and their myriad uses in daily life. Astrology and crystals are connected, and after reading this article, you’ll get a sense why. 

Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign

The Sun travels through Pisces from February 18th through March 20th. Pisces themes will be more prominent during this time and even more so for those born with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Pisces. Certain gemstones vibrate within the same frequency as the energy of Pisces. Get to know the crystals that are best for this sublime and watery zodiac sign; blue calcite, fluorite, amethyst, citrine, sodalite, and tiger’s eye. 

Crystals for Expressing Yourself through the Sacral Chakra

Crystals are an amazing healing tool for activating, balancing, and working with the chakras. In this article, we will be reviewing the Sacral chakra and how working with crystals associated with this energy center can support emotional balance, increased self-esteem, and a harmonious expression of your passion, sexuality, and creativity. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals : Flow with your Life Force

Crystals are a beautiful tool for awakening the creative forces of the Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus chakra is the part of the human energy field located at the belly. This chakra is responsible for helping the flow of life force and is related to your self-esteem, confidence, and willpower.